The Zebra Hunter
A journey of truth, love, and compassion

The Zebra Hunter

If you discovered the meaning of life, would you share it? What would you choose as a sign, a symbol, of that meaning? And, what would it be like, if, at any given moment, especially if you were troubled or hurting, that particular symbol appeared in your life?

That is exactly what is happening to many people all around the world who were touched by the life of a man, Robert Marron, a seeker of the meaning of life, who died from the disease called AIDS.

In this story of a humble caregiver, Jack Needham shares the last months of life with an AIDS patient. During this time, he learned lessons that have transformed his life. You will come to learn the lessons he did from this man called the Zebra Hunter.

And you will never look at life, or death, in the same way again.

Feel the love! Feel the power! Learn to live life differently! But most of all, learn how you too can become a Zebra Hunter and help change the lives of others.

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